Ranchester, Wyoming (WY)

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Area Code: 307
Prefix (NXX): 655
Calling outside U.S.: +13076557561
City: Ranchester
County: Sheridan
State: Wyoming
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Registrant Company: Qwest Corporation

307-655-7561 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Qwest Corporation and is located in the city of Ranchester, Wyoming. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 3076557561.

Comments for 3076557561

#1 Survey

ANY call - no matter what they claim - if it results in them trying to send someone to your home to offer a "free" trial or "home sight survey", etc., or in any way try to someone can sell you something for what they are "surveying" about, IS A SELLS CALL!

Many scammers have tried to get around the law by doing "surveys" - but they still try to sell something ....
- do you think the air in your home is making you sick -- we can clean your air ducts
- do you think the air in your home is making you sick -- we can install an air filtration system
- do you know how high crime in your area is - we can install a home security system

And since they still try to sell something in the end, it makes the entire call illegal.

Given that 99 out of every 100 "SURVEY" calls are now scam calls I never talk to any of them for any reason.

And when you look up the phone number and never find a company behind the number , only complaints - it is pretty obvious that it is not a legit company and when they call back, which they will, do not answer.

#2 Text message

Calls and leaves no message

#3 Text message

No one on the line, rang two times and hung up, no message.

#4 Telemarketer

caller id said:  security
did not answer

#5 Telemarketer

Called about setting free home alarm system, caller ID Home Survey.

#6 Robocall

Robo call said police told them to call me. Have asked in the past many times for them to stop calling. They have no respect for anyone.

#7 Other


#8 Spammer

Phone rang - we answered "hello" and no one was there.

#9 Telemarketer

Just called. Picked it up and hung it up.. scam call free home alarm system masked as a survey.  They've been told not to call here, I have a great alarm system, 3 big dogs backed up with smith & wesson..
Filed reports with ftc,fcc & DNC

#10 Other

If you don't know the number, don't answer. Legit callers will leave a msg.

#11 Telemarketer

Fraud, never of them, but they call a dont call list numbers.  Dont give them anything, to them you now where they were and call the bbb and the fbi.   Try calling number back you get nothing odd right

#12 Spammer


#13 Telemarketer

CID shows "HOME SURVEY". Voice mail recording launches into usual FBI crime stats, then says a neighbor recommended me for their free wireless alarm system that is monitored by my local police dept. WOW! What a deal. I wasn't in the mood to press 1 to talk with scam artist, so pressed 2 to be removed. We know how well that works.
I have been getting a "free home alarm system" call almost every day. With different numbers and different recordings, so maybe a whole bunch of scam artists have decided this is the newest best scam to run.

#14 Unknown

Selling home security systems

#15 Unknown

Home security system

#16 Telemarketer

Caller id is Security. They left a bot message about rise in crime and I can receive a free security system installed with free equipment, yadda, yadda, yadda....Wish the do not call list was secure and enforced, that's what I am most concerned about!

#17 Telemarketer

Same old criminals with a new number, still wanting to give me a "free" home security system.  I don't understand how they get away with this.  Blocked and reported.

#18 Other

Caller ID says SECURITY.  Leaves no message.

#19 Other

caller ID says 'Home Survey'.  no message.

#20 Other

The caller ID shows a spoofed number.  This indicates a likely scam.  Beware!

#21 Telemarketer

Got call and blocked number instantly.

#22 Other

I think I need to go on a vaca for a little scavenger hunt and destroy , could be fun , bullet proof vest and night vision stuff , cut every fricken  phone line attached to this place , and flatten any vehicle tires around it , relax watch and see how pissed I can make them in my spare time , I don't care what it costs , and if they are fricken foreigners we might need their status checked ! : )  Sounds like a fun trip eh !

#23 Other

This one had caller ID "Home Survey"  Usual call-and-hang up when it gets to answering machine. I never, never pick up calls I don't recognize.  Different day, different number, same BS.  No point in blocking the number, they'll just spoof another one.

#24 Telemarketer

Caller ID said "SECURITY"

Obvious scammin' slimeballs.


#25 Telemarketer

Answered the call - Says "this is not a sells call"  "Do to the increase in crime in your area or you have been referred we are offering you a security system for free (of course a commitment to use their monitoring is attached to the "free" offer).   I opted to talk to somebody to ask how they consider this not a sales call and then I asked what was the name of the company ---- I was told it was "GO F YOURSELF" and then Paul hung up.   ---- Stay Away

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Similar phone numbers

This number also called my landline but fortunately was blocked immediately after the first ring by my blocking service. I googled the number on its own to see if there was any other information other than what was posted by the above poster but there was nothing else other than scam calls. I’ve never had a student loan and never will so apparently they’re just going through banks of numbers in hopes that they find someone who will fall for their scam. I would suggest not answering the call and if they’ve left a voicemail do not call the number back. If you do have student loans it would be best if you called the actual entity that issued the loan  to you.

Edited to add that I also googled the 866 number that was referenced in Kathy’s post but it was the same scam of student loans.

I agree that this is a harvesting scam. I  finally called back after so many calls to me from this # and I got a weird pause then click then a hang up.
It's bogus. I looked it up and it says it's a landline # from Bosler,  WY.  Effing irritating.    L

I got a threatening voice message on July 10th and again this morning. I called back on the 10th but would refuse to give any identifying information.  They said they'd see me in court.  I said okay, hung up and blocked the number.  They left another voice message.  I called back but muted my phone.  It was the same female I spoke with on the 10th; I recognized her voice.  She became irritated because I wouldn't say anything after she said hello.  I did this four times back to back before my calls appear to be blocked or sent directly to voice mail.

healthcare savers robo call

be safe at home

automated Student loan forgiveness call from Wyoming

Got a call from this phone number.

I have received a truly UNBELIEVABLE amount of phone calls from this number, EVERY DAY in the 8-15 calls per day range. When politely asked to stop calling I am either yelled at and told I need to "save money" or just hung up on. This has become extraordinarily disruptive to my life and business! This is a SCAM as no relevant business would continue to behave this way and not receive inbound calls at all. Do NOT give these people your information! They are the SCUM of the earth and frankly would be thrilled if all of their dialing fingers were to be chopped off!

I'd have to be really stupid to purchase anything from a cold call.  I wonder what their statistics are like?  Maybe 2 in 1000 calls?  Someone has to fall for this stuff in order to make it worth the scammer's time.  I also wonder if this is a generational thing.  If I'm going to purchase something, I go to the internet and do as much reading as I can.  If I didn't have that tool, I'd be vulnerable.  

Phone number: +1 (307)-223-7994 IRS scam, threatening to take legal action against me

dont want to be bothered by them

Received a text in reference to a job asking for all of my personal info and name of bank.

Do not answer- is a recorded message.. annoying...

Called me twice today. I did not answer.

Calls me everyday

I didn't/don't answer #'s that I don't recognize, pretty gutless, no message, suspect scam.

calls 10 times a day

Calling about computer problems, really?  Just give the passwords and you'll be set up for ransomware.  Just don't answer.  Report the numbers.  The ID's are faked & phone companies don't care.

I know how you feel I revived a check for $3850.00 I really need the money however I knew it was a scam from the start. Whats scares me is how they obtained my information. The bank the check is from happens to be my bank. The guys name is Quentin Bellfield the envelope was from England hand written with no return address. I need a job and always loved Craigs List I have found great jobs on there before, its a shame the scammers can get through.

Tell these predators that not all of us are victims......some of us would like to meet the person(s) responsible for this flagrant abuse of the free-market system and give them a ..... hummm....bloody nose?

Just called call. No message left. Called back - automated voice message - number has been disconnected.

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